Children’s Plays

Can be downloaded where indicated. All other titles are available to whom all inquiries concerning professional or amateur performance rights should be addressed. All these plays are fully protected by copyright.

All the World's a Stage
a 30-minute play in which a large cast of children are left to choose their own parts, with chaotic consequences. Published by Samuel French, London. (Many school productions.)
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Maxitweet the Cocoa

A 75-minute large-cast play with music, for primary schoolchildren. Mr and Mrs Tweet find that their lives are changed for ever when their nest is taken over by the biggest baby bird you’ve ever seen. (Many school productions.) Music will be supplied on request to

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Monster Man
A 75-minute, large-cast play with music, for primary schoolchildren. The insects stop fighting one another when their common enemy Man appears on the scene. (Many school productions.)

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